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Norman S. Edelcup

Sunny Isles Beach K-8

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Dr. Annette Weissman


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We are an "A" school


Mission Statement

Working as a team, students, parents, staff, and the community of Sunny Isles Beach will improve student achievement and develop life long learners who respect themselves and others. In a safe, supportive environment, students will experience reading, writing, mathematics, science and technology. Norman S. Edelcup/Sunny Isles Beach K-8 will be enriched by the community. As a result, student will understand the importance of becoming active citizens.



Our Vision

Our vision of Norman S. Edelcup/Sunny Isles Beach K-8 is to work as a team to create a learning environment where students come first, academics are valued, and all children can reach their full potential.

School Profile

Grades: K - 8Uniforms: Yes
Voting District: 3Mascot: Seahawk
Enrollment: 1894Region: North
School Colors: Blue and Yellow
Feeder Pattern: Alonzo and Tracy Mourning SHS Biscayne Bay Campus
Board Member: Dr. Martin Karp, Vice-Chair
Maintenance Center:1


School Hours

Grades K,1: 8:20 a.m. - 1:50 p.m.
Grades 2-8: 8:35 a.m. - 3:05 p.m.
Grades 2-8 Wed: 8:35 a.m - 1:50 p.m.


Health Report

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School Board Representative

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City of Sunny Isles

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Miami Dade Public Schools

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Sunny Isles Beach Community School, opened in August of 2008. This new chapter in Sunny Isles Beach history began in 2004 when the City Commission adopted a resolution approving the concept to build a K-8 public school in Sunny Isles Beach per recommendation of the Education/Schools Committee of the Mayor's Advisory Council. This action acknowledged that SIB had transformed itself from a retirement community to a modern, fast-paced city. In August 2005 the site of the new K-8 school facility was approved and a unique partnership was established between Sunny Isles Beach and the Miami-Dade County Public Schools. The arrangement was historic because no city in Miami-Dade County has ever contributed municipal funds to the school board for the purpose of building a school. In February 2006, Mayor Norman S. Edelcup explained that the goal to build a school within city limits was a top priority and that having a first class school was priceless.

The following month, March 2006, almost two years after the City of Sunny Isles Beach entered into an informal partnership with the Miami-Dade School Board. The School Board initiated eminent domain proceedings to acquire the school site for the property located between 182nd Drive and 183rd Street at Atlantic Boulevard. At the February 15th, 2007 City Commission meeting the construction presented a status report and noted that the school was expected to open on schedule in August 2008. This was followed by a resolution approved at the April 19th, 2007 City Commission meeting to pay fifty percent, $12 million of the total purchase of the land cost for the site of the school. Less than a month later, on May 8, 2007, the City of Sunny Isles Beach held the groundbreaking for the school and announced that the founding principal of the school would be Dr. Annette Weissman.

The construction team diligently worked to meet deadlines for the school which included a four-story classroom building and a two-story administration building, a media center and cafeteria/auditorium. A three level raised parking building supports the site. The school shares a special use agreement with the City of Sunny Isles Beach to have shared use of the facilities with a (city) park across the street (Pelican Park).

In 2011, the school was renamed Norman S. Edelcup Sunny Isles Beach K-8 for the current Mayor, Norman S. Edelcup.

In 2013 a new addition was added to the current building, created a fifth floor over the school garage. The school serves approximately 1800 students living in the Sunny Isles Beach area.


Kindergarten Teachers

Our Kindergarten teachers are:
Ms. Ambroise, Ms. Aviles, Ms. Godoy, Ms. Green-Beltre, Ms. Korbin, Ms. Pita, Mr. Leiva, Ms. Reyes, Ms. Rodriguez, Ms. Nathanson, Ms. Othello, Ms. Peck, Ms. Potter, and Ms. Sosa.

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1st Grade Teachers

Our 1st grade teachers are:
Ms. Abenina, Ms. Benitez, Ms. Bodzin, Ms. Daniel, Ms. Franco, Ms. Matatyaho, Ms. Morsello, Ms. Muniz, Ms. Pita, Ms. Santin, Mrs. Sarauw, and Ms. Simon.

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2nd Grade Teachers

Our 2nd grade teachers are:
Ms. Abdallah, Ms. Avery, Ms. Cabana, Ms. Flores, Mr. Galo, Ms. Gold, Ms. Kocur, Ms. I. Martinez, Ms. Pazos, Ms. Sanchez, and Ms. Sulzer.

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3rd Grade Teachers

Our 3rd grade teachers are:
Ms. Bueno, Ms. Carmouze, Mrs. Del Sol-Martinez, Ms. Gutierrez, Mrs. LaRocca, Mrs. Nichols, Mrs. Randall, Mr. Stanaford, Mrs. Vega, Ms. Winer, Ms. Zeff, and Ms. Green.

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4th Grade Teachers

Our 4th grade teachers are:
Ms. Alouidor, Ms. Cathey, Ms. Disla, Ms. Gay, Ms. Jay, Ms. Krusz, Ms. Pena, Ms. Prado, Ms. Rosenberg, and Ms. Scales-Judkowitz.

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5th Grade Teachers

Our 5th grade teachers are:
Mr. London, Ms. Lumbi, Ms. Attilus, Ms. Chiang-Lara, Ms. Castillo, Ms. Klein, Ms. Morosco, Ms. Moore, Ms. Toro, and Ms. Williams-Thomas.

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6th Grade Teachers

Our 6th grade teachers are:
Ms. Baron, Ms. Kidd, Ms. Perdomo, Ms. Prince-Burrell, Mr. Ramirez, Ms. Francisquini, Ms. Ward, and Ms. J. Williams.

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7th Grade Teachers

Our 7th grade teachers are:
Ms. Cano, Ms. Carvajal, Ms. Coombs, Ms. Jean-Baptiste, Ms. D. LaRoche, Ms. Macias-Ramirez, Ms. A. Williams, and Dr. Todd-Gibson.

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8th Grade Teachers

Our 8th grade teachers are:
Ms. Alfonso, Mr. Goodfriend, Ms. A. LaRoche, Ms. Melkumova, Ms. Morales, Ms. Motisi, Ms. Szpilfeigel, and Mr. Osborn

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We have a dedicated team of teachers, coaches, and other special staff working with children every day.

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Our office staff are:
Ms. Fernandez, Ms. Quijano, Ms. Cruz, Ms. Polstein, Ms. Escudero, Ms. Black-Burroughs, and Ms. Duffie.

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Federal and State Compliance Office/Foreign Records

Attention Parents and Guardians of International Students:

Do you need information on how to obtain an I-20? (F-1 Student Visa or M-1 Vocational Student Visa)

Do you need Information on educational options after high school graduation?

For answers to the above questions and other related issues, contact the following Foreign Student Advisers:

Coordinator F-1 & M-1 Visas: Ms. Terry Ceballos (305)883-5323

F-1 Student Visa: Ms. Maria Elena Paradela (305) 884-2044

M-1 Student Vocational Visa: Ms. Margarita Casero (305)884-2044 or (305) 883-1445